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Neighbor Aunty fucked hard

Hello everyone. I am back with a new erotic sex story which you’ll read exclusively on This is a true incident about how I fucked my neighbour aunty. Let me describe her. She was in her mid-thirties and had a kid about 3 years old. So basically she is a milf. She moved into our apartment nearly 6 months ago and I had eyes on her since then. She had a fair complexion, long brown hair, beautiful face, nice and big eyes. She was pretty tall too (about 5 ft 7 in). And I forgot to mention her boobs and ass. Oh man, it gives me chills. Her titties were godly and her ass was bubbly. Almost every male in our apartment had lust on her. Japanese AV Models She was very friendly and modern too. She used to work in a private firm but left the job after […]

Indian wife’s adventurous gangbang on the boat

This free sex story is about my wife Rajshree and her fantasy sex wishes. Read it only on I am an avid reader on Indian sex stories, Desi Sex stories, Hindi sex kahani, erotic sex stories, Literotica and Rylsky Art Vids on Rajshree would even engage washer man or milkman for sex. It was getting out of hand for me. I took her to psychiatrist who advised a long holiday for her. Doctor was surprised by her enthusiasm. She should be kept away from her regular place. We took a vacation and went to Mumbai to cool ourselves. After few days of sightseeing at Mumbai we took a boat to Elephanta Caves from Gateway of India. It was an hour-long boat ride, with about fifty people, several couples and some students. Rajshree was wearing a semi transparent blouse with just a knot at the bottom no buttons, and […]

Fucking my voluptuous Aunt – Gayatri

Hi guys i am Marvin. I am an avid reader of Free Sex Stories & Hindi sex stories on This is my first story, so if I have made any mistake pardon me. Feel free to comment and review this sex story. Every comment will be accepted gracefully. Read it, love it, recommend it and share your reviews and experience in the comments section below. ***** I live in a village. Well, its not a typical one. It is a developed one. I live there with my family which consists of my mom, granny and of course me. My dad lives in the city of Mumbai doing his job. So we are only three of us living here. I am 19 years old and (STILL) a virgin. I studied in my village till my SSC school and then moved in with my dad in Mumbai for further studies. After […]

Fucking the busty Farm Maid

Hi to everyone reading this dick raising Indian sex stories – sex story, is how I had my sexual intercourse with a farm maid. I am Rajkumar from Coimbatore, finished my graduation and working in MNC which is full of hot chick going around me. I like young girl’s boobs to suck like a mango and grab ass as football toward my penis. More than young girls I like mature women who have big boobs and ass. I am really mad about fucking mature women. Since from childhood I used to watch the boobs of them who comes to my house and masturbate think about them. Let me come to story. I am 6feet tall with medium cock size. During vacation I used to visit our field and have bath in river near our field. Like some farm maid working around the used to wash their cloth and there sexy […]

Hot encounter with lovely Maid

First of all hello to all readers who are reading this amazing sex story. I like reading Hindi sex stories @ Feel free to leave your comments at the end of the post. Coming to the story introducing myself I am Rocky of age 21 years, and the heroine of the story is her name is Jigi of age may be around 32-35 years. Coming to the figure of her she has a great ass and her boobs where stiff. And she has a solid figure. She is of height 5.7. Me and Jigi my maid use to have a better understanding between us i.e. we used to talk freely like friends. She is very comfortable with me and me too. As a young boy I used to have an urge to have sex. I have crush on my maid from the day she started to work with us. […]

Train journey and my Mom with Ramu

Hi everyone, this is about a train journey that me and my mom had last year. I like writing and reading sex stories, indian sex stories, hindi sex stories, hindi sex kanahiyan and servant / maid sex stories on First of all this something that really happened in my life and so I will be explaining bit detailed. People he can’t read that much please stay away Ok let me tell about my family . My name is tom , am 18 now and my dad is jacob,47 working in baharin. We are having some business there. My mom’s name is reenu , 37 and we have been settled in kottayam which is a part of kerala. Dad usually visits as in every 6 months and we were having a good time then. Since dad was not around mom did all the work .Taking care of me and running […]

Wonderful holiday with my Servant

Hi everyone. I am Asma and I like reading erotic sex stories, literotica and free sex stories on I am studying my graduation. I stay in university hostel and rarely go to hometown. Actually my hometown is 2000 km from where I study. So I generally goes to hometown twice or thrice a year. Last year after my exams when I planned to go home, I came to know that my family has gone to attend a marriage ceremony in village . And they will be back after 1 days of my reach to home. As almost all the students had left and I had already booked tickets I decided to go hometown. My parents also told me not to worry as they will be back just after one day and our maid will do all the work at home. I reached home on Monday morning at 6. Our […]

Banita the Exhibitionist Whore

Hello, all this is Banita. I am an avid visitor of and love to read erotic sex stories and Hindi sex stories. I am 24 years old. My figure stats are 34 30 32 and my height is 5 feet 5 inches. I am studying in college. I don’t know why I like to show off my body to older men. But maybe it started when I was growing up and I observed men looking at my growing breasts and bulging ass. That excited me and I did not know what it was. I understood it as I grew up. The long stares of hungry men, especially older ones excited me and I started to dress provocatively. I wore skirts and shirt/blouse. The blouse would have a deep cut in the front that would show my 34-inch breasts. The skirt would be knee length and a bit loose so […]

Gangbang Sex with Filthy Beggars in Train

Hello Indian Sex stories readers. Let me introduce myself I am Hashita middle aged girl recently married and my husband works in Mumbai but I stay in Chennai and I am still a virgin. I am an avid reader of Erotic sex stories on and would like to share a personal experience with you. During the weekends I planned to visit my husband by Train. Since my visit was instantaneous, an no AC tickets were available, I had to go in the general Compartment. I my ticket and went in looking for a place to sit. To my surprise, the compartment was full of beggars and only few seats were available. I made way between some filthy beggars and sat in one of the vacant seats. All beggars were in a bad & dirty condition. Whole compartment had their repulsive smell of sweat and dried urine which was coming […]

Bhaiponta – Indiradebi’s Sensual journey begins

Hello fellow Indian Sex stories & Incest Sex stories readers. I am going to share a fictional sensual sex story about Indiradebi and her journey through Sex and Lust. Frustrations grips Indranidebi ( 42 yrs. great Bengali film actress cum classical dancer , 38-30-38 ) day by day due to non-availability of major role in the film , which poses a serious threat to maintain her filmy status. Acting in theater , coaching dance to others , a small role as an aunt or mother in film or acting in TV serial may lead her life normally but unable to provide the glamorous status. In this critical juncture her sister-like friend Rachanadebi ( 38 yrs. famous Bengali film & TV serial actress , now specially known as Didi No 2, stats 37-29-37 ) proposes her oneday when they were attended a religious ceremony for inauguration . ” You can earn […]