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Trapping Aunty while traveling in Train from Araku to Vizag

Hi Indian Sex story Readers, This is my 3rd post which happened in 2009 June when I visit my friend Marriage near Vizag and i visited Araku valley alone and this incident happened while returning to Vizag in a Train. My name is Rohith, currently 37 years old living in Bangalore and working as IT professional with good physique and attractive as well with pink lips, dimples in cheeks, heavy hair on chest and body and broad shoulders. Coming to the Incident, i boarded the last train at 6 pm and searching for a seat where atleast good looking girl or Aunty so that can seduce them, didn’t find any good ladies in 3 bogies and in 4th bogie i saw a dusky and big fatty women and little medium fat aunties, i roam around them twice and they also saw me once while I checking on them then I […]

Mansi, the topless Model

Hello Indian sex story readers. I am back on Desibahu.com with another story. You have probably read about Mansi and her sex eroticas and escapades already, If you haven’t, be sure to read them all. Now, lets get cracking 🙂 Mansi was now a pure slut. She was fucked and used well by Ashraful, my Bangladeshi servant, and his friends.. She was ass-fucked, gangbanged and fucked at public places too. She was now a slut and wanted more cocks. Later that year, I got transferred to Delhi. I had visited Delhi before and knew the place. We rented a small house in Karol Bagh. It was small but spacious, with a balcony too. Popular Indian sex story – Our Servant Gopal and my wife – Part 2 My office was not too far from our rented house. I joined office once we were done with the setup. One day, while […]

Loosing my virginity to a Stranger

Hi friends, I am Neena. I am 30 and like to read Literotica Sex Story, Indian sex stories and Mastram sex story on Desibahu.com. I am Single & work in one of the most beautiful 5 star hotel in Delhi as Manager. It’s a wonderful & rare thing to be a lady in Delhi and command a team of 400 people. It’s rather unusual because of the conservative middle class background that I hale from. I grew up in a small city in Haryana in a joint family. We were all together 23 family members out of which 13 were we children. There was nothing noticeable about me till 13. 13 to 18 was the period I turned from a little kid to a beautiful girl. One of our family friends, was a Doctor Couple. They were very close to my mom and dad. Their daughter Sonia and me studied […]

Hot Group Sex in Picnic

Hi, I am Sanjana. I visit Desibahu.com to read Literotica, Group sex story, Indian sex stories and Mastram stories. I am a College Student from Pune. I love to read human digest stories. They have given me a lot of courage to try out different things in life. I am going to share with you, one of me early experiences with sex. It was end of our first year. Exams had just completed, so we friends wanted to just chill out. One of our friend had an idea to visit Mahableshwar over the weekend. So we gang of 4 girls took the bus to Mahableshwar on sat morning. Our plan was to spend night in a hotel and return back the next day. Group Sex Story – Prabha & the Sweeper When we reached Mahableshwar , it was raining. We spent time at bus stand, waiting for the rain to […]

In the bus with my aunt

My name is Danish and I recently turned 19 years of age. I was born in a small village some ways from the coastal city of Karachi, but ever since my admission in a prestigious Karachi University I’ve had to move to the city, into the home of my uncle and aunt. My uncle (father’s brother) has a Job in the city that often requires for him to be out of town, and he lives in Karachi with his wife, Erum. My aunt, whom I call ‘chachi’ is 31 years of age. A fair complexion, long shapely legs, narrow hips, a well proportioned chest and a fantastic ass, is what makes my Chachi the subject of many a young man’s lust. Her choice of clothing is more often than not: tight, short Kurta and Shalwar. This story takes place in the winter of last year when my uncle had to […]

Deepti, the mistress

Hi Literotica, Indian sex story & Cuckold sex story readers!! My name is Manoj sharma. This sex story is about my dominant girlfriend Deepti. I live in Mumbai. Deepti and I have been in relationship from last 4 years and from last one year our relationship has sparked up and took new turn. This story is about how my loving girlfriend changed to a dominant mistress. Let’s get to the story. It was a usual sunny day. I was watching TV at home. My phone rang. It was Deepti. She asked me to come at her house her parents were not at home for a whole day. I was more than happy. Got ready as quick as possible and reached her house. Literotica Indian sex story – In the bus with my aunt She used to live in a 2BHK apartment almost 5 km from my home. I silently sneaked […]

The Story Of Sandhya – Hot Sister And Brother Love

Hi, this is Arjun. This time with the story of one of my former colleague Sandhya. She joined my organization 8 years back as a trainee and was reporting to me. She was 24 at that time with 5.3 inch Hight, Medium complexion, and a superstructure. We were very close those days and she had a crush on me which everyone in the office knows, except me. Once, she had an incest sex with her brother. So, here comes the story of a hot sister and her brother her own words. I was from Kollam living with my Grandmother, Mother, father and one Brother. My grandmother and Mother had some mental issues so they were taking medicines but without much use. My father was a government employee and brother Sandeep was a Mechanical Engineering Student. Though we were not that Divine believers my family soon turn in to poojas and […]